Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Obama - Four years to fix it?

When I sat down to write 'ZERO Greenhouse Emissions - The Day the Lights Went Out - Our Future World' www.strategicbookpublishing.com/ZEROGreenhouseEmissions.html I posed many perplexing questions. This was one of them.

Politicians say that with 20/20 hindsight they might have made different choices, but the political system of four years in office does not provide them with the luxury of making decisions with 20/20 foresight beyond their current term of office.
They tell us how in developed countries reliant on the business as usual model that any disruption to economic growth will affect our standard of living. To preserve it they defend the growth of industry and massive subsidies provided to the world’s fossil fuel industry, still being subsidized with more than $210 billion annually.
They tell you how they were voted out of office, for policies you and I thought affected us and ours. They know with 20/20 foresight that the model adopted by the industrialized world is not infinitely sustainable and that it is destined for demise—but not in their term of office.
In any future for you and yours, me and mine, them and theirs, we don’t need politicians designed for demise. For the sake of human sustainability, we need statesmen with infinite wisdom.
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As the world sits and waits for the arrival of the Obama era, Americans and many others pray that he will enact the change necessary to make him the Statesman of the 21st century.

He will face more challenges throughout his term of office. than possibly any other president. Many of his predecessors were greatly challenged. Roosevelt will go down in history in many eyes, as the greatest American Statesman. He faced his many challenges as opportunities. He changed history with action. He galvanised the American people, it's industries and at a war time pace, shifted American manufacturing industry from stagnation to what was needed in a time of war.
Obama faces a similar global war that will be fought against catastrophic climate change. The action needed, is to be, at war time pace.

As Roosevelt did, Obama could change similar industrial stagnation and financial crisis, with a concerted shift away from redundant industry to one that provides both jobs and direction to a new and greener America. But will he?

Could four years of God in the oval office do it?

We may ask, but he's busy playing golf!
"Which club are you using for the next shot?" asks St Peter. God slips him a sly grin. He knew the game was getting a bit tight with St Peter three strokes up at the end of the 17th. Taking out his number 1 wood for the par five 18th hole, St Peter hits it straight and true down the middle of the fairway. "Nice shot." admits God a little reluctantly. God limbers up and with the grin and a little frustration takes his best hit. A slice to the right, the ball hits a tree and lands in the rough. Out of the long grass, a rabbit picks up the ball, running with it onto the fairway. Down swoops an eagle picking up the rabbit in his talons. Flying down the fairway over the 18th hole the eagle drops the rabbit, the rabbit drops the ball and the ball drops cleanly into the hole. "Oh for Christ sake" says St Peter "It's only a bloody game!"

So as we wait the inauguration of president-elect Obama, we may ask if he wishes to be the Statesman of 21st century America, or will he be playing golf?

Could four years of God in the oval office fix the mess?

Will four years of Obama in the oval office fix the mess?

Let's not ask too much - but let us pray for Divine intervention.

Let us stick to the fairway of the change we need to see and be.

For you and yours. For me and mine. For them and theirs.

Will Obama look back with 20/20 hindsight four years from now; of which it is said we can be wise, and ask what could he have done? Or with 20/20 foresight on the four years ahead with the road we are on, do what has to be done?

Will he be wise?

Will he snatch victory from the hands of defeat?

Will he be the Statesman we need? We will see.

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Janet Legere said...

Great post - profound thoughts.

I believe Obama is just the beginning of change. Will it all happen in 4 years? Heaven's no ... but the beginning of change is good.

The people finally spoke ... it's about time they got out of their shells!

Janet Legere
A Proud Canadian